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Auto flag ads on with iMacros script!

Auto flag ads from file or filtered by specific keywords

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This iMacros script will help you to auto flag ads taken from file or filtered by keywords (CLflagger PRO).


Use this script if you want to flag your competitors ads on Craigslist.


You can flag ads on autopilot with SINGLE CLICK!

Highly recommended!

This bot was made to help you with craigslist activity.

Forget about annoying manual ads flagging!

Automate it!

Main Features of the script:

  • Unlimited number of flags to send.

  • Unlimited number of ads to flag.

  • Supports public http proxies.

  • Able to work without proxy lists (flags with your real IP).

  • Able to flag only stated ads from file.

  • Able to auto scrape and flag ads by keyword (CLflagger PRO).

  • Random wait time interval between flags (1-10 seconds).

  • Clear cookies and switch proxies after each flag.

  • Random flag selection: miscategorized/prohibited/spam

This will help you on your daily craigslist activity.

If you are even thinking about doing business on craigslist, you'll want this script.
Auto flag ads with this super powerful craigslist script.

Watch how it works:

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of CLflagger script is the fact that you can auto flag ads from file

and auto flag ads filtered by keyword.

Please note, that we do not guarantee that your flagged ads will be removed, because it depends mostly on quality of proxies you are using.

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Special offer!

If you order CLflagger script you'll get FREE CLflagger PRO script with step-by-step setup instruction and example of proxy list!

1. Question:

Why flagged ads are not removed?


There are several reasons for that:

1. You did not sent enough flags.

2. Your proxies are transparent and easily identified by craigslist team and your flags are not counted.

3. Your proxies are blacklisted by craigslist and your flags are not counted.

4. Your proxies are not from the area of flagged ads (example: you are trying to flag ads in New York using proxy from China).


To get best results you need highly anonymous fresh new proxies from the area of ads you are flagging.


2. Question:

Do you provide good proxies for flagging?


No, we do not provide any type of proxies, so it is recommended to get good local proxies BEFORE you order this bot, overwise the bot will flag the ads, but they will NOT be removed.


3. Question:

Do you know where I can get good local proxies?


No, we do not know. Google it.



No refunds. All sales are final!


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Please note, that script will work only on computer with Firefox iMacros addon installed.